Future-State Blueprinting is here!

Map your vision into reality. Turn your design into an actionable implementation plan. Learn how to facilitate a future state blueprinting process!

You will learn what it takes to organize and run a future state blueprinting process, facilitate a blueprinting session virtually, synthesize the output and generate actionable work for your organization to implement the new design, and grow your skills as a trained blueprinting facilitator!

There is no course in the world like this; get in now, starting changing your customer's future with Future-State Blueprinting!

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A better kind of online course

Courses cover practical methods that really work, developed from the real-world.
Follow-alongs demonstrate the method end-to-end with real examples.
Jam packed with useful templates to get you started applying your learning directly to your work.
You will walk away with a real, valuable work product that your boss and team will love.


Methods are broken down into discrete, actionable steps, that enable you to effectively learn by doing.
On-demand video content allows you to go at your own pace and access from anywhere.

The way we learn needs to be reimagined.

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It should be focused on growth of practical skills that help you build up bigger capabilities. We know the best way to learn is hands-on, which is why all our courses focus on applying the methods directly to your work. But what if the work you have isn't what you want to be doing?

We've been there, and we've seen first-hand how in our careers, unlocking the transferable skillsets from one area can open doors in another.

We have a vision to do just that—creating a growing library of practical skills that will help you go from A to B to Z in your career, following a path of transferable and related skills to build upon your existing foundation, and transform your career.

For example, we see a connection between qualitative research skills, facilitation, and conflict mediation. Do you? What if you could chart a path from designer to strategist? from business analyst to designer? or from project manager to facilitator? We want to help you do just that, one practical step by step.

Our first couple courses are just the beginning. Join the list to get early notification of new courses and content launching soon. We're so excited!

— Erik & Megan, 2022 and beyond
Imagine a network of related skills that can enable you to path your career to new places!

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