The Guide

The 2nd edition is here (soon)!

We are SO EXCITED to announce the second edition of Your Guide to Blueprinting the Practical Way is now in final stages of production, updated and expanded for 2022. Get on the list to receive the guide on launch in November 2022!

NOTE: In the meantime, you will receive the 1st edition right away, and then get the 2nd edition the moment it's hot off the digital presses!

With over 30,000+ downloads, our first edition (2015) covered the basics of service blueprinting. Now almost seven years later, you'll find that the 2nd edition goes even deeper into blueprinting as a technique to transform your organization, covering both current state and future state experience delivery blueprinting, as well as insights reflecting the last seven years of hands-on learning we've been doing in the field.

And as a special bonus, we've made the 2nd edition guide available in multiple formats—PDF, ebook, print-on-demand, audiobook—choose what suits you best!

We're so excited to share this with you. Happy blueprinting!

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